What to expect in a consultation

  • After discussing with the client the issue/s that the client would like to work on the practitioner would then proceed to set up the balance.  This would involve the practitioner touching various access points on the client’s body.  This ensures that the information that will be muscle tested up during the balance is accurately coming from the client’s Whole Being, and thus allowing for a holistic experience.
  • The practitioner would then muscle test to see if there are any additional issues associated with the issue/s that the client would like to work on.  This gives a better picture of what indeed is being balanced.
  • At this stage we would go in to the main body of the balance.  The practitioner would muscle test up all the imbalances or bad programmes energetic bagage that are keeping the issues in place and not allowing for change.  This is done by using numbered scan lists, books and other resources.  In the course of the balance the practitioner may have to read certain things to the clients energies or show the client certain symbols/images.
  • The whole process is very relaxing.  The client is more than welcome to ask questions or discuss anything that may come up.  Alternatively if the client chooses not to participate verbally they don’t have to and this does not take anything away from the effectiveness of the balance.  In some instances the client falls asleep during the process and that’s OK too as the practitioner is working with the clients energies and not their conscious mind.
  • Ultimately the client is in control of the process and can participate to the degree that feels comfortable to them.
  • Once all the “baggage” has been identified the practitioner will then delete this information from the clients energies by touching a correction point on the clients body.
  • The whole process usually takes about one hour.
  • During the balance some people do get a little emotional while others feel that a weight has been lifted from them.  Some also will feel energy shifts during the balance – others don’t.  In some cases the effects are immediate and in others the shift will subtly take place of a few days or weeks.  Each balance and its effects are different just as we and all our issues are different.
  • The entire balancing process is non-invasive, relaxing, safe, simple yet effective.  In some cases client’s problems dissipate within one session.  Others may take a few sessions depending on how multi layered the issue is.  For more chronic cases I will often suggest other modalities that will assist and speed up the process.
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