How does a distance balance work?

As a RAW balance is purely energetic and muscle testing is done off the body it is easily performed from a distance. The result is as effective as a face to face balance.

“Once a time for a balance has been established you  email me the issues that you would like to work on.

At the time of the balance it is preferable that you put your feet up and relax.  I then call in your energies and do the balance.  This is usually completed within 1 hour.

Once the balance is completed I will call you and read through everything that came up in the balance – this usually take 20 to 30 minutes.  For international clients – you will need to call me on a pre arranged number  1 hour after the balance starts.”

Payment for the balance is direct deposited prior to the balance and bank details are sent along with confirmation of the appointment time.

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