Client Feedback

May 2006
From my first session, it was easy to feel, to notice, the inherent joy that would arise within me from a RAW session as an extraordinarily beautiful means to release cellular memories, energetic debris, limiting beliefs and dysfunctional patterns. As a practitioner Joy would inquire and draw insights from a multitude of resources in order to clearly ascertain and precisely locate the underlying ‘issue’ earmarked for release during the session. By communicating directly, to your energies through muscle testing – Joy would systematically place together the myriad of contexts that formed the mosaic of your particular issue and then facilitates, with your permission, its release!

Robert Beno B.Com., LLB (Hons) (Syd)

April 2006
I am really amazed at how much I got out of my first session with Joy. She seemed to tap into forces and energies bubbling away under the surface of my consciousness. I walked out feeling I had really shifted my energy in a very positive way that would help clear the way forward.

Roland Fishman The Writers Studio

December 2005
She is always spot on, gets right to the core of my issues and uncovers things that kind of rest in my subconscious, things I hide even from myself. In doing so, issues are cleared and I am able to move forward in my life. Sessions can change things subtly or dramatically on an emotional, physical or spiritual level…………..

During a year of post-graduate study I was finding it difficult to persevere

with it. Throughout the year Joy helped me stay on track by allowing me to see the bigger picture. She cleared issues with allowing myself to be creative, intellectual. My ability to focus and study improved dramatically.

Siobhan McLaren Student

November 2005
Thank God for Joy and her amazing healing style. Technically I dont know how to describe what she does but it works! I’m a physical fitness trainer and I would say that when I see Joy she works me out in the non-physical world. I have become far more relaxed and comfortable within myself and my threshold to life has heightened greatly. Before I was in shutdown mode, very sensitive, anxious, lost and introspective. Now I feel mentally, emotionally and spiritually fitter to deal with lifes challenges.

Sue Personal Trainer

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