Joy - put simply she is a wonder-woman of the physical & energy world

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We can work on anything from niggling physical pains, emotional trauma, spiritual fulfilment, practical abundance, the energy around your house, work, social life and more


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Joy Moulieri has been a  uniquely practicing Kinesiologist since 1999. Joy is a level 10 Rekindled Ancient Wisdom practitioner, an Intro, level 1 & 2 facilitator, and has studied a range of healing therapies including Reflexology, Reset, N.O.T., Kinergetics, and more.

Put simply she is a wonder-woman of the physical & energy world ~ helping clients move through the large, sticky and even stubborn energies with a gentle flick of her finger.

Joy is calm, steadfast and has a gentle confidence that allows her to navigate a session & her guide lists with sincere clarity.  She approaches her sessions with the precision of an energy surgeon.

Rarely does a kinesiologist get to the level of clearing that Joy can.

Simply, Joy is a rare treasure who goes unassumingly about her business, whilst helping clients to move safely & smoothly to rebalance their own energies allowing them move into complete flow.

Feeling is believing but we always say – the clarity, centre and balance after a session with Joy is nothing short of blissful.

Lynette Arkadie

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